Coaching & Workshops

Tailored for senior executives, middle management and experts or expanded to project teams

  • Intercultural Business Coaching: it helps to master ongoing challenges at a pace suited for the individual. By approaching the same topics from different perspectives, people become more sensitive to developing practical solutions within complex business scenarios. The coaching process has the power to undercover potentials by fostering the enhancement of individuals' inner motivation.
    development of an intuitive ability to interact with different cultures independently from industry, company and country. In a global world, the more intercultural competencies are applied the higher the chances of achieving career success.
  • Company Workshops: I develop workshops based on your own requirements and needs. It can be designed for specific groups such as executives, middle management or project teams. Additionally, I can make it happen for you in 5 languages.
    intercultural workshops in preparation for missions abroad; project management workshops on topics such as scope, risk, communication and conflict management in complex projects' scenarios. These are few examples of topics that contribute to the successful delivery of your projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of exhibitions and trade fairs (in house und external)
    Team briefing, training and recruiting; language services such as translations, guest relations, networking techniques.