Project Management

Successfully bridging complex projects to business strategy

Professionally delivered projects whose objectives are continually being aligned with a company's goals are one of the main drivers in achieving business strategy success. I can take over the complete management of your project throughout its life cycle. Alternatively, I can support your team in different project phases. Within a defined timeframe, I am geographically flexible to work wherever your assignment may take me.

  • Management of complex projects and programmes.
    complex multidisciplinary and cross sector projects within several geographies; integration of new business into existing organizational structures.
  • Design, develop and implement Change Management Initiatives.
    applying intercultural change management methods and tools to facilitate the successful delivery of strategic organizational projects; bridging business and project management strategies within varying organizational management levels; setting up and initiate the running of a Project Management Office.
  • Development or implementation of projects aiming to optimize Project Management Performance, Team Performance and Project Performance.
    combined use of change management, project management and process improvement methods and tools applied to both project and operational contexts, as required;
    identifying, agreeing and deploying the right key performance indicators (KPI) aimed at driving excellent performance.
  • Design, planning and implementation of project management processes and tools, project health-checks, project and project management audit; performance measurement
    design of a reliable project management methodology, set to deliver a firm's goals and objectives. These include but are not restricted to risk management, performance management, stakeholders management, communication and conflict management.